SIP Trunks are the ideal solution for customers wanting to consolidate their voice and data provider, but not ready to abandon the investment they have made in an existing PBX and migrate to new IP handsets and an advanced Hosted PBX.

Carrier Grade

Our enterprise SIP trunks provides absolute flexibility and can be configured for customers ranging in size from one path to customers who require 500+ simultaneous call paths. Adding more capacity is easy, and can be configured remotely and in real-time in a matter of minutes, not weeks or months.


With Dynamic Packet there is no constricting contract and the service is flexible enough to allow you to add an extra line or extra telephone numbers to your phone system by simply making an adjustment to your service plan.

Cut Cost

Dynamic Packet technologies are a great way for a business to cut monthly costs. As the Dynamic Packet service is very flexible there are several ways to make it available to a business. For business who already have PBX hardware their telephone lines can be adapted to use the Dynamic Packet VoIP service without any additional configuration to the hardware they currently own and operate. For businesses who do not have a dedicated IT infrastructure we offer a hosted PBX solution which only requires the purchase of VoIP telephones.

Long Distance and International Rates

On average Dynamic Packet service slashes a business’ phone bill in half. Businesses who have high long-distance charges will save even more. The Dynamic Packet service not only saves on international rates but offers free long-distance within the continental United States. Dynamic Packet can even provide your business with numbers local to other cities and states in the U.S. as well as Canada and countries in South America and Europe as well as porting existing numbers over to the Dynamic Packet service.