Can call centers with automated dialers use Dynamic Packet voice services?

  • If the numbers are randomly generated by the dialer, then no.
  • If the numbers are a pre-screened list to be used by the dialer, then yes, with some limitations on how quickly the calls can be dialed.

Speaking generally, if the call center is in the business of collections (for example) and numbers being dialed are attached to specific individuals, then the Dynamic Packet service can be used. If the call center generates numbers that might not be associated with an individual, then the Dynamic Packet service cannot be used.

Is it possible to keep my current number(s) when switching to the Dynamic Packet service?

Yes, in most cases it is possible to port your existing phone numbers to the Dynamic Packet network. Contact us directly to determine if a specific number is portable.

Does Dynamic Packet support Caller Id?

Yes, the Dynamic Packet service does support caller id.

Does Dynamic Packet support Caller Name?

Yes, the Dynamic Packet service supports Caller Name both on outbound and incoming calls. Customers can contact support to have their Caller Name set to display their desired name. Inbound calls should automatically display Caller Name information.

Does Dynamic Packet support E911?

Yes. Dynamic Packet supports E911. Customers must make sure they send the correct number on any call to 911; otherwise the call center will receive the wrong address because addresses are registered against the calling number.

Does Dynamic Packet support faxing?

Dynamic Packet supports web faxing. Our e.fax service allows customers to send and receive faxes electronically. Inbound faxes can be sent to print automatically. Out bound faxes must first be scanned into a computer before they can be sent to a fax machine.

Is point-to-point connectivity from our network to the Dynamic Packet data center supported?

Dynamic Packet does provide point-to-point connectivity options. Contact us for a a personalized quote.

Does Dynamic Packet support SIP over SRTP?

No, Dynamic Packet does not support SRTP.

Does Dynamic Packet support SIP over VPN?

Yes, Dynamic Packet can set up SIP connections even if your network is a VPN. Contact a network analyst for more information..

How does local calling work?

The Dynamic Packet service allows for unlimited* nationwide calling. That means that any call placed from within the continental United States would be treated as a local call.

Is faxing over VoIP reliable?

Our web fax service is extremely reliable, with most customers experiencing 95% success rates. Faxing over VoIP has increased substantially over the past few years, with most modern machines being compatible with the web fax service. One of our network analysts could provide more information concerning the reliability regarding web fax.

My PBX is behind a NAT, can I still use Dynamic Packet services?

Yes, Dynamic Packet services are available to networks behind a NAT.

If I was to purchase an IP telephone, is there a return policy?

Yes, Dynamic Packet does in fact honor returns on hardware purchased through us. Orders can be returned up to 7 days from the delivery date of your product for a full refund minus a 25% restocking fee. A refund will be processed after the product is received in the original packing material and all original contents are included. All items returned are shipped back by the customer. If a returned item is damaged then the customer will be responsible for the damages therefore, it is suggested that the customer insure the package with the shipping company.